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This is the Official website for Haggerty4thehouse. 

Ed Haggerty of New London, PA is running for the

Pennsylvania 16th Congressional District

United States House of Representatives

in the 2016 elections



I Need Your HELP

It is just about time to start gathering signatures on the petition papers to have my name placed on the ballot for the General Election (8 Nov 2016).

I need two-thousand-thirty-five signatures.

( 2,035 )

To be valid, these signature must come from REGISTERED VOTERS who reside in the 16th Congressional District of Pennsylvania.


We can start collecting signatures on 17 Feb 2016 and we must have them turned in for validation before 1 Aug 2016. To ensure we have enough signatures to qualify, we want to present at least 2,700 signatures for validation. 

Wouldn't it make a statement that both major parties could not ignore if the number of signatures exceeded 5,000? 

I was thinking, one efficient way to collect these signatures is to gather them at the polls on primary day ( 26 Apr 2016 ) as the voters exit the polls. Naturally, not disrupting the primary voting in anyway.

The help I need is volunteers to go to polling place and actually ask the people for their signature on the petition papers.

Will you be willing to help?

Please go to the volunteer button and sign up........ Thank you

Committee to Elect Edward Haggerty
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